Our new and unique promise!!

It's not always easy to make the decision to become a member – Is it value for money? Will I play enough? Can I afford a large one off payment?

So we've made it easier for you. Simply continue to play as, and when, you want and when you've spent the equivalent of a membership on green fees we'll convert you to a member for the rest of the year for a one off fee of £40 (£20 union fees and £20 joining fee). No risks, no extra costs and no need to look back in hindsight and say 'I should have joined!'

How it works:

– Register for FREE at reception or via email.

– Each time you pay your green fee sign in and it will be added to your on going total.

– When you reach the threshold for standard membership (£250 for full 7 day membership) we will notify you.

– Upon payment of the £40 fee you will become a member, with no further green fees to pay, until the end of the year (30th April).

– Upon becoming a member you are entitled to full membership benefits including; increased playing time (anytime during daylight hours), entry into club competitions, a CONGU handicap and 50% off standard green fees for your guests.