Roundwood Hall Golf Course is set in 15 acres of woodland within the Kent North Downs. Beautiful views, scenery and wildlife will make your round enjoyable even if the golf isn't up to par! The course follows the natural contours of the land, giving an interesting variety of gradients and undulations.

Ideally suited for beginners and learners, the course provides the opportunity to practice technique and build confidence over manageable distances in peaceful surroundings and without undue pressure from a following group. Club hire is available for those new to the game and visitors who do not have equipment. The more experienced golfer should not be fooled by the yardages on the scorecard – the sloping nature of the fairways and the greens make the correct club selection all the more important if you are aiming to challenge par!

Golfers who do not have the time or no longer have the energy for a long 18 hole course will also find a challenge on offer without it being too strenuous, time consuming or expensive.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional our clubhouse offers a warm welcome. The inside and outside seating areas are the perfect place to relax and add up the scores while enjoying one of our range of refreshments.

We don't have a dress code – just two requests – STRICTLY  no high/large heels and for the enjoyment of others we request that in warm weather players keep their tops on.

Regrettably we are only able to welcome those playing golf onto the course and are unable to allow non players to walk around.

We are privileged to have a course rich in wildlife and do our best to strike a balance between managing the course and allowing the trees, plants, birds, animals and insects to flourish. The woodland has a variety of native trees and is bright with bluebells and wood anemones in the spring. As well as the more obvious pheasants you will also find woodpeckers and buzzards flying around the course. And being high on the North Downs there's always the opportunity to catch a glimpse through the trees of the splendid views across the surrounding countryside.